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Since 2013, SuSeWi has grown from a three-square-meter experiment on the shores of St Helena, South Africa, to a thirty-thousand-square meter production facility with the world’s largest algae growth pond in the coastal desert of Morocco.

And we’re still growing.
At scale, we will be the world’s largest algal producer.



Marine microalgae provide a natural, abundant and sustainable source of protein, Omega 3 and many other ingredients.

At SuSeWi, we have developed and proven innovative technology to produce microalgae on land just as nature has for billions of years – stimulating algae to ‘bloom’ faster than any other organism on earth, using only sun, sea and wind.

Embracing the power of Algae

Our process allows vast quantities of microalgae to grow on desert land, without using fresh water, duplicating a natural process that contributes to the health of our oceans and air, without depleting natural resources.

Technology & Algae

Using technology to produce algae and create solutions that benefit the economy and environment.


SuSeWi develops solutions that address the current environmental and social climates, providing tools and insights that tackle global problems.

A Green Future

There is no need for genetic modification. After billions of years of evolution, nature has provided the natural solutions we need.

Devoted to the discovery and development of local algae, we’ve spent years gathering and testing over a thousand native strains. We have our pick – selecting the very best in nutritional profile and growth rate.

And with thousands more completely undiscovered species on our doorstep, the possibilities are endless.

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We are planning on changing the world by creating products which take nothing away from the environment.

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