Head of Laboratory

Oct 6, 2019

Head of Laboratory –

Feed Algae Maroc, a subsidiary of SuSeWi, is seeking to appoint a new Head of laboratory on our site in Akhfennir. The laboratory head will oversee:
1. the preservation of our collection of local Moroccan algae
2. the early stage growth of a single strain of algae for the innoculum for the greenhouse
3. all laboratory-based testing and monitoring of quality

The Head of Laboratory has a team of five people reporting to them, so must be able to effectively manage people and workflow whilst maintaining a clean environment. Must be able to keep meticulous records using spreadsheets and data bases. 

All applicants must have a proven track record in laboratory operations and team leadership. A Masters or PhD in a relevant discipline (biology, marine biology or related) is a requirement. 

Please send your CV and any additional details to hr@susewi.life.