Head of Laboratory

Oct 6, 2019

Head of Laboratory –

Feed Algae Maroc, a subsidiary of SuSeWi, is seeking to appoint a new Head of Laboratory on our site in Akhfennir. The laboratory head will oversee:

1.   The preservation of our collection of local Moroccan algae

2.   The early stage growth of a single strain of algae

3.   All laboratory-based testing and monitoring of quality

The Head of Laboratory has a team of five people reporting to them, so must be able to effectively manage people and workflow whilst maintaining a clean environment. Must be able to keep meticulous records using spreadsheets and data bases. 

Required qualifications/Experience:

1.     Master’s degree in Microbiology, Marine Biology or related Environmental Science.

2.     Experience working with microalgal cultures and preparing seawater medium.

3.     Knowledge and understanding or algal aquaculture and algal (cyanobacterial) biology.

4.     Experience working with microscopes and other analytical equipment (i.e. centrifuges, spectrometers, filtration systems etc).

5.     Experience managing a research team (lab group); tracking deliverables, budgets, production targets and making strict deadlines.

6.     Adaptable scientist, with a keen eye to detail and excellent problem solving skills.

7.     Competent use of Microsoft Office 365 and/or other data analysis software for data collection, reporting and sharing.

8.     Field experience working in remote and/or harsh conditions.

9.     Knowledge of French/Arabic languages 


Please send your CV and any additional details to hr@susewi.life.