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TV documentary featuring our Pilot Plant in Morocco

Watch this TV documentary featuring our Pilot Plant in Morocco, where you'll take a look at how we produce algae for sustainable solutions. [video width="1920" height="1080"...

Will Morocco supply upscale alternative aquaculture feed ingredients?

"Most of the growing number of alternative feed ingredient producers have been popping up in locations such as the Netherlands and Nebraska, but UK-headquartered SuSeWi has planted its algae production facility in the Moroccan desert. “We go to locations with ideal...

The desert in bloom: pioneering algae production system poised for commercial take-off

"Algae producer SuSeWi is embarking on a visionary project that aims to create “the largest algae farm on earth” – in order to produce a valuable source of protein and long-chain omega-3s for the aquafeed sector. As they look to move on to commercial production,...


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