Feed Algae secures Innovate UK grant 

Oct 15, 2017

SuSeWi (formerly Feed Algae) is delighted to announce that it, together with its partner Plymouth University, has been awarded a grant of more than £560,000 by Innovate UK to support the development of its technology for sustainable, cost efficient and scalable microalgae production. 
SuSeWi (formerly Feed Algae) is delighted to announce that it, together with its partner Plymouth University, has been awarded a grant of more than £560,000 by Innovate UK to support the development of its   technology for sustainable, cost efficient and scalable microalgae production.  
The grant will primarily be used to fund a project to grow nutrient-rich species of microalgae present in Morocco, analyse these and select candidates for in vivo feed trials with the aim of accelerating SuSeWi’s access to market. 
SuSeWi’s patent pending approach to growing microalgae is based on replicating large-scale natural oceanic algal blooms on land using local species. Microalgae production has the potential to meet growing demand for high-quality protein with health-promoting qualities, replacing the unsustainable use of fishmeal and fish oil. 
Commenting on the announcement Raffael Jovine, Chief Scientist and Founder of SuSeWi, said: 
“The award by Innovate UK provides further endorsement of SuSeWi’s innovative approach to growing microalgae. We believe the grant, along with other innovation work we are undertaking in the UK, will enhance the sustainability of UK and international trout and salmon aquaculture, while at the same time reducing the pressure on wild caught fish, by providing a large-scale, natural and sustainable source of protein and omega-3 rich feed at a time when a significant deficit in proteins, calories and nutrients is looming worlwide.” 
Commenting on the announcement Dr Tom Jenkins, from Innovate UK, said: 
“We are delighted to support the development of this unique technology in the UK. It has the potential to become a sustainable source of high-quality protein with health-promoting qualities for use in feeds for farmed fish.” 

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